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Thread: Archon Suggestions:

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    Default Archon Suggestions:

    My suggestions to make deep archon more viable:

    Leeching Flames: base damage is 20% of maximum mana, cool down lowered.

    Burning Purpose: now increases/lowers critical hit chance and damage by 5%.

    Archon's Bulwark: instead of cast time, increases the mage's critical chance and damage by 10%. Also increases maximum mana by 200%.

    Point to Point: replaced with Overcharge. This toggle increases the damage of your archon abilities by 30% and the mana cost by 150%.

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    Why does Archon:

    Have 3 mana regens: Exhilaration, Leeching Flames, Mental Flare.
    Granite Salvo not increase crit chance like the Bard/Oracle spell it doesn't stack with.
    Bulwark render: Searing Vitality + Talent, Pillaging Stone + Half of Strength of Stone and Lingering Dust useless in pve to the mage.
    Point-to-Point nigh useless as a 61 point skill
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    Archon does need some adjustment, it shorthands other Mages on your team when you are not high enough up the soul tree. (For obvious DPS reasons) Right now looking to see some quality Harb changes stick before we hit 100 pages of comments on it.
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    Just don't kill Harbchon, please.

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    Though it very rarely sees use, point to point lets you run stones in port scion with very little risk of being intercepted. You can use it to teleport up the ledge you usually can only drop down from whilst carrying stones - enemies can only attack you between the ledge and church, and once you're up you're pretty much safe.

    It's possible that it allows devious play in whitefall/KR/library/GSE/BA (holding objectives in your base), too, but I haven't ever seen/tried that.

    It feels like more of a random novelty ability than a real 61pt though.

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    theres a new archon talent in pts
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    Feels to me lately that a lot of mage souls need a tuneup. Stormcaller seems to be in a nice place for AoE damage, but people barely run pure storm. Harbinger seems to be at a good place for ST damage along with Pyro, but neither see much use because of Storm Locus being seemingly to good as an ST abiltiy to pass up.

    Harbchon feels like a nice hybrid, providing some support on top of DPS, but it seems like this is solely done because past 40~41 pts investing more in Archon is useless. Seems like it needs a massive improvement in the Buff department -- I do not believe it is being kept down strictly to sell more Dream Souls (Oracle looks like a really amazing support soul, performing better than 61 BRD to an extent).

    Maybe more adjustments to it's upper tier skills (Replace Point-to-point with something that gives a nice twist of all the Mage's Archon Auras or something similar to the X Armors of certain classes that in the long run give most if not all of the effects they've gained from point investments for starters, maybe?). Replace two of the mana replenishing abilities/give them additional effects such as "Restores 20% Mana to up to 10 party or raid members", or "Restores 20% mana and increases the Raid's damage by 35% for 10s" to put them more in line with the job as a support role.

    Possibly work in a new skill around 48 points that is similar to Lava Field, except that it slowly replenishes the Mana/Energy of the raid members inside the field while improving the damage of the caster's primary bolts by 150% for the duration (Gives Archon a bit of a boost to the output from their Earth Barrage/Pillar of Stone abilities) .

    Idk, just a couple of suggestions that could possibly make further investment more worthwhile. Been way too long since I've touched Archon though.
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