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Thread: i need help with mage dps build

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    Default i need help with mage dps build

    i used the game template called flamecaller for my dps..the aoe is not great but st is good..but during runing expert dungeon i have seen mages with great aoe and equal or even better st than me,,they turn into shadow things,several of them and they hit hard..what is that soul?? and what is their build??
    what is the best mage dps build generally??
    thanks for your help.

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    On the top of the mage section you will find the mage guides page with a lot of builds explained.

    To answer your question, if you want a top ST build, you will have the choice between 61 pyro build and other hybrid builds based on stormcaller but i recomend you the 61 pyro to start with.

    Then if you want the top aoe build, you can play the 61 stormcaller.

    So you only need 2 specs to perform well as dps in dungeons as a mage.

    There are many other viable specs to play in dungeons but you look like a new player so I'm going deeply into details as dungeons don't require to have any specific builds, and you will be able to focus on the most easiest ones to play.

    But if you want to go more into details feel free to contact me ig assuming you are on the EU shard

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    The spec you are referring to is Stormcaller/Dominator. There is a guide for it in the Mage Guide section. It's not the best ST dps, it's just quite easy to play and has a lot of utility (purge, interrupt, mana drain and reflect).
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