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Thread: Mage Macro Help Please

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    Default Mage Macro Help Please

    Returning player here, was checking out a couple of different Mage specs. Tried this macro for a 61 Harbinger build (from Seatinís 61 Harbinger/11 Chloromancer/4 Elementalist):
    #show empyrean ascension
    cast empyrean ascension
    cast storm nova
    cast energy beam
    cast dancing limbs
    cast vorpal slash
    cast shocking touch
    cast storm's fury
    cast blazing light
    cast [notactive] charged blade
    On the first click of the Macro, Empyrean Ascension turns on, but I receive the follow msg in my general Chat log all four messages appear simultaneously (not on subsequent clicks).
    Could not cast unknown ability: storm nova
    Could not cast unknown ability: energy beam
    Could not cast unknown ability: dancing limbs
    Could not cast unknown ability: shocking touch
    When I continue to click the ďspells seem to work ok, and donít generate the message.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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    That's normal, until Empyrean Ascension is active pressing the macro will always cause the error messages.
    Best thing to do is create a new chat window and use it instead of General as the error messages will only appear in the General window.
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    ^^ What Burninalways said. If you create a second 'general' tab, and have all the chats checked off you want, it will avoid the error messages from your macro. There may be nothing wrong with your macro, but until the ability is able to fire, it will say there's an error.
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    Thanks for the help. :-)

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