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Thread: Professions and good build to succeed !

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    Default Professions and good build to succeed !

    Hey guys! I'm new in the game and I really need your help... I played WoW and each class had a good pair of professions that really combine together with the class. I don't really know what is good right now for me so I wanted you to kinda help me out if you can.
    Another thing is which soul tree should i focus? Tell me what you think its the best build to follow in order to do good dps at high levels in raids and stuff... I would like a f2p build cause I don't really wanna spend money in the game this early. I saw some builds but they were kinda outdated...
    Thanks in advance
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    Welcome to rift. The only crafting related to any clases would be apothecary to clerics for the mana potions. Other than that, thwy're not relevant. If you wanna make money go for any gathering skills.

    For dps warrior is pretty weak right now but the highest dps soul is paragon. Still I wouldnt go f2p warrior. Champion is warrior aoe.

    For cleric the highest dps is inquisitor. Aoe is cabalist
    For mages pyromancer, stormlock por warlock. Aoe is stormcaller
    For rogues assassins and rangers. Aoe is saboteur.

    Top right now is pyro.

    Eventually youll get several builds and youll ser what fits you

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    Thanks! I'm mage and i really like the type of skills from stormcaller but I will try pyro to see if it fits me. Isn't there a profession in Rift like First Aid in WoW?

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    If you are planning on crafting some of your own gear along the way then the gathering skills of foraging (for trees/plants) and butchering will be helpful combined with the crafting professions of outfitter (cloth armor) and artificer (staves, wands, rings, necklaces). Weaponsmithing to a lesser degree since it has some daggers and swords that mages can use as well. Without paying extra you can pick three of these and easily create an alt to get the one you don't have.

    There is a skill called survival where you can make your own food but not bandages like in wow. Also fishing is a great source of the materials to make for survival (although it is a bit slow to level compared to others).

    Runecrafting goes good with any class as there are runes that benefit all callings that can be made and put on all of your gear. Also runecrafting allows you to break down soulbound items (i.e. dungeon drops or quest etc) that you have no need for but would like to use the mats or sell them.

    For leveling - anything with 8 pts in chloro is pretty survivable or the two pet classes with their tank pets. Be sure to spend at least 21+ points in the pet tree to get the greater pets that will scale for tanking beyond level 30.

    There is a lot of discussion about what the best dps specs are at top level but most people would say one of the following:
    61 pyro
    61 warlock
    There are many good guides in the mage guide section of these forums.

    Find the one that you are effective with and enjoy. They all can be competitive in the right circumstances.

    Finally, don't be stuck with one choice of role. It is easy to have multiple soul setups in Rift and you can switch between them on the fly as long as you are not in combat.


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    As others have said you'll want to get several specs.

    One spec that you might want if you feel like springing for the extra souls. Which I would recommend because Mage tanking is in a good spot right now. and Harbinger / Chloromancer is a good leveling spec because you can gather up a few mobs of your characters level and AoE them down while the healing procs keep your health at near 100%

    As for the starting professions I would suggest

    Butchering, Outfitter, and Runecrafting.

    If you get extra professions with credits then mining and artificer are good ones to add later.

    With the first 3 you'll be able to make armor for your character and for Rogues

    And any armor items that are extra can be Runebroken and used for Runecrafting mats.

    Outfitter, Rune Crafting and Butchering have a good synergy and at endgame Runes can become pricey.
    So having a Runecrafter can be a godsend and also net you a decent chunk of change (without having to get mats from someone else on the auction house) or at least save you some platinum.
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