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Thread: 3.0 Hotfix #11, Changes to Dominator/Necro

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    Default 3.0 Hotfix #11, Changes to Dominator/Necro


    * Reflective Presence: No longer affected by the Global Cooldown.
    * Haunting Pain: The damage over time effects now count as cast time effects, rather than instant effects.

    * Possesion:
    - Reduced cooldown to 60 seconds, down from 120 seconds.
    - Reduced duration to 15 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
    - Abilities gained from Possession no longer replace the caster's ability bars, and instead appear in the temporary ability bar, to be used alongside most of the caster's abilities.
    - Now prevents pet-summoning abilities from being cast.
    * Putrify: No longer affected by the Global Cooldown.

    I love the change to Possesion! The new bar that came up was awful.
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    Wish they touched on the other skills too but I thank you Trion for giving the love to necro. ^^

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