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Thread: About Necro in 3.0

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    Default About Necro in 3.0

    Good day guys, stopped playing during storm legion and now gonna try the nightmare expansion storyline.

    I really like playing the necro during level 1 to 50 but when I reached the storm legion content I found that the playing necro seems weak. For example I noticed my pet damage does not seem to scale very much per level. So I want to ask if the necro was given any love during the new expac.

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    No, sorry. During pts parsing, when they were gathering information on the relative power level of all of the callings/souls, I gave them necro(and ele) parses along with the other typicals. They're aware of where it's at(15k+ behind any decent spec), but I still don't expect it to be improved(even in easy-to-do base numbers adjustment) in anyway.

    Only thing close to viable for necro at the moment is either using it as a support, in place of a defiler, for a minor dps gain or a hybrid(like the one linked in my sig).

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    Disappointing, well I guess Ill just be in it for the story then, thanks for the reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kervik View Post
    Hey all,

    Below is a list of more potential changes I'm looking at for the Necromancer. To be clear, none of these have actually been implemented yet. At the moment I'm just looking for feedback. These are primarily aimed at improving the QOL of the soul and adding a bit more DPS to it. They aren't aimed at overhauling the soul or redefining the role it plays.

    With that, here's the list:
    • The Velocity buff from Elementalist can now be procced by Plague Bolt.
    • Reduce cooldown of Bone Frenzy to 15s.
    • Increase the healing from Essence Link by ~40%.
    • Change Symbiote to increase healing from Essence Link by 25/50%.
    • Increase ICD on Essence Link heal proc to 1s (currently the ICD is 0.5s). Add info on the ICD to the ability description.
    • Reduce channel time of Soul Purge to 4s. Increase damage by ~25%.
    • Reduce Heal from Improved Soul Purge to 0.15/0.3% of damage done.
    • Corpse Explosion Ė 15s duration. Deals X damage to up to 5 enemies around the affected enemy when damaged by the casterís Plague Bolt. Deals Y damage to up to 5 enemies if the affected enemy dies. Consumes the casterís Corpse Explosion and triggers their death explosion on all enemies hit.
    • Corpse Pile Ė Gives Corpse Explosion a 50/100% chance to spread to up to 5 enemies if hit by Grave Rot. Damage from the death explosion from Corpse Explosion deals an additional 50% of its damage over 6s to all enemies it hits.
    • The damage bonus from Bone Armor now affects the casterís pets as well.
    • Last Gasp now deals X damage each time the affected enemy is healed once the maximum 5 stacks is reached and will no longer apply new stacks or refresh existing stacks.
    • Healing Exigency (Mastery) now also reduces the cast time of Mass Grave by 100%.
    • Reduce the duration of Mass Grave to 15s.
    • Reduce cooldown of Mass Grave to 1 minute.
    • Reduce cooldown of Empty the Crypts to 1 minute.
    • Recuce Charge cost of Empty the Crypts to 50.
    • Increase the damage of Plague Bolt by ~25%.
    • Deadly Plague now also applies to Corpse Talon.
    • Loyal Minion now sacrifices 25% of your petís health and gives the Mage a shield equal to 50% of the damage done. Reduced the duration of the control immunity effect to 5s.
    Take heart and be patient ;P

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    Yea at least something in the pipeline...

    I hope the Elementalist also gets some love soon, I was totally shocked how little the dps improved between 60 and 65. I'm glad I had made some "stormalist" build, but the earth elemental just can't hold aggro very well (not that it ever was great at it, but okay).
    The only reason it can as pure Elementalist is probably the pathetic DPS, so doing those elite carnage quests required quite some patience either way.

    Not sure how well the Necro pet can hold aggro, they've never been THAT poor it seems.
    Oh yes, I've tried necro to substitute a defiler once, though we figured it didn't really improve things because burning down the boss with more dps got us equally far in the fight. It only works if dps is not important in a fight, and there's not that many in the new experts...most just get so much easier with more DPS. Basically, get it done before tank and healer run out of cooldowns and grab your loot.

    Also since the links got nerfed with 3.0 (probably because of the stacking with guard from what I understand), I think the survivability you gain for the tank compared to a Bard or Oracle isn't that signifficant anymore either.

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