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Thread: 3.0 Pyromancer or Warlock

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    Default 3.0 Pyromancer or Warlock

    So I just returned to the game yesterday after a 3 month break. Im just wondering what is a better dps spec pyromancer or warlock considering I love both. Im level 60 and still leveling also Pyromancer seems to do more dps on mobs but I think its a bit inaccurate considering to me Warlock has a little bit of a ramp up time having to put all dots on the target than doing the rotation. What is the better spec for dungeons I usually run warlock because of the dot spreading and stuff but how is Pyromancer? Another thing the build I run for warlock is 61 lock, 9 necromancer, and 6 harbinger for the spellpower and the extra dot.

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    Pyromancer is best ST dps currently. Warlock is still good particularly where cleave is needed. Storm caller is now best AoE dps

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    Pyro for ST DPS

    Warlock for 2-5 target DPS

    Stormcaller for 5+ target DPS

    Necromancer for Dungeons if your tank needs Soul Bond*

    *which is probably all the time now, especially on trash. either you use 2 healers, or you use a Link from Necro or Defiler.

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    I guess it might depend on what you are doing.

    I know running Warlock on a zone invasion (at least on Faeblight) is near impossible to time refreshing your dots because of the extreme ability lag.

    Haven't done a (10-person) raid yet, so I don't know how bad that may or may not be.
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