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Thread: More Mage Mentoring Bugs?

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    Default More Mage Mentoring Bugs?

    I can't prove myself, but am I wrong to think my mage mentored to 15 should be doing a little more than 58 damage with a fireball?


    I looked at my Harbinger role mentored at 15 and Storm Slash does about 160 damage,and that's without Charged Blade on.

    Infact I just went and looked at my level 11 mage I made specifically to see if the Arbiter mentoring bug still exists, which I'm fairly convinced does.

    My level 11 mage's fireballs do about 260 damage..
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    Mentoring has always been a bit funky, but I am wondering ifits set to values for previous specs.
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    Are you checking actual parse numbers too or just tooltips?
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