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Thread: PVP first impressions [41 SC / 33 Ele / 2 Arb-or-2 Dom post-revamp]

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    Default PVP first impressions [41 SC / 33 Ele / 2 Arb-or-2 Dom post-revamp]

    Build + Stats: (2 points for Arb are placed in Tactical Knowledge)

    P78 mage, 5/7 warlord pieces, 5/6 warlord essenses, CQ cape, freelancer KR trinket, rest freelancer.

    23.31% crit chance, 17.9% crit power.

    Very good IMO, much better than it was pre-patch (the one eniac used here)

    With Static Flux + 5x Electrified + 5x Conductive Medium + Cycle of Earth/Wind + Storm Locus:
    -I was getting upwards of 5k Lightning Strike crits on a warlord .
    -5-6k Icicle crits.
    -2.2k+ Raging Storm crit ticks/Forked Procs crits.
    -Monsterous damage with Intensify Elements.

    Mobility damage (chasing targets):
    -Pretty decent, with Thunder Shock dealing between 1.3-2k non-crits on targets with your normal buffs/debuffs. As long as the target you're chasing does not have crazy amounts of self-heals (ala physician) you should be able to whittle him down eventually.

    -Wind Chill, unfortunately, isn't going to save you against the typical melee facerolls (Sins/Warlords), even when combined with Ride the Wind. Same goes for the knockback provided by Storm Armor.
    -You get 2 purges - ST purge on the water elemental (20s CD) and AE purge in Cyclone (2mins CD). Cyclone + Hailstorm makes for a nice little combo, but apart from that its basically a 2min CD purge (you can't afford to use Self Substaining via Lightning Field often enough to spam Cyclones, nor do you have the points to spare).
    -Your only hard-CC lies in your Water Elemental's Mind Freeze (3s debilitate, 30s CD)
    -Hailstorm kinda counts as a utility, being an instant cast AE snare, but your targets will get out of it quickly enough.
    -No Roots, no Interrupts (unless you go 2 pts Dom instead of Arb)
    -30m range (32m if 2pts Dom)
    -Addition of CC-break on Ride the Wind makes it extremely good.
    -Strong debuff in Storm Locus (unfortunately it gets watered down if your target is near his teammates).

    Defensive/Self Sustain:
    -You have a total of 13% reduced damage taken (5% passive, 8% buffs) which puts you on-par with a Pyrochon.
    -Unfortunately, you also lack Burning/Fire Shields for self-sustain. You pretty much have 0 self-sustain in the build apart from the use of health tonics.
    -Having longer cast times than a Pyrochon (2.5s/1.6s/1.5s casts, no oGCD [unless 2 Dom] vs 1.7s/1.2s/1s casts, 2x strong oGCD) while having IMO inferior CC to deal with a melee (3s debilitate vs 5s debilitate + 8s root that you can reset)
    -You still melt like a butter if a Warlord/Sin/Paragon/Shaman targets you, their access to interrupts ensures that you will never be able to take them down without heals backing you up. Pyrochon fares better in this regard.

    Overall Impression:
    -Good Burst/Damage without relying on any CDs. Better than a Pyrochon's IMO.
    -Poor overall survivability (lacking in self sustain + CC/Utility). No access to Icy Vortex hurts.
    -Still super team-dependent, as with most mage builds.
    -Proper definition of "Glass Cannon" IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tirza View Post
    Yeah 13% passive damage reduction, snares with no cooldown, knockbacks, Ride the Wind... just terrible.

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