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Thread: Lazy Necromancer?

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    Default Lazy Necromancer?

    So the Lazy Elementalist is fantastic for lazy people like me, but I was wondering if there was a Lazy Necromancer version?

    As much fun as it is being an Ele, I just like the look of Necros more.

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    Considering Necro has a few cooldowns and DoTs, I don't think you're going to feasibly reduce the number of buttons

    From memory I've got:
    The DoT that gives Ashen Armor
    The death DoT (Necrosis?)
    Spam Macro (I move constantly)
    Empty the Graves button
    Mass Grave button
    Two buttons for use with 5 stacks of deathly calling, one is corpse talon + straight damage and one is corpse talon + the DoT

    It's not so bad with KaruuulAlert, though I have to remember to select my pet once after I switch roles to it.

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    When I am feeling lazy I often whip out the Necro.

    1. Spam macro.
    2. Ignite.
    3. Necrosis.
    4. Mass Grave macro'd with Exhume
    5. Empty the Crypts
    6. Essence Link
    7. Corpse Talon macro'd with Condemn
    8. Possession
    9. Lich Form

    That's about as simple as you can be. Still, the majority of the time you can just spam 1 if you are really lazy. Which in experts when I want to turn off my mind, I sometimes am :P

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    #show parasite
    cast empty the crypts
    cast possession
    cast Parasite
    cast Reaper’s Touch
    cast @gtae Grave Rot
    cast Last Gasp
    cast flame bolt
    cast crystalline missiles
    cast Bone Frenzy
    cast necrosis


    you still want to have lich form on separate button for bit of charge management, or drop empty the crypts and put
    cast [notactive] lich form
    instead of "empty the crypts" line. you will still have to play possession part with the skills pets have so it will never be 1 button spec.

    also, its bad to play it like that, but you asked for it.
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    Cheers guys.

    I know I shouldn't play like this, but I'm never going to raid and I'll only do the occasional dungeon.

    It's mostly for ease of use while doing solo world stuff

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    This is what I've been using.

    I only use 4 buttons total
    1 spam st macro, 1 aoe macro, 1 big charge/cd macro and necrosis (I'm too lazy to bother with essence link)

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    The major problem I can see with the above Macro:

    Empty the Crypts pets vanish when you hit possession. Bad idea.

    Good idea: Use your crystal bonus for the extra death damage, and THEN hit infection. it buffs infection and stays buffed the entire 1 hour. Takes 400 dmg to 800 dmg for the pet.

    Good idea: Use parasite, aid the master, bone frenzy/crystal bonus, THEN possession, during flaring power if in raid.

    Good idea: Empty the Crypts, Bone frenzy/crystal bonus, ignite w/ashen armor buff, in that order.

    Good idea: Do the same with Exhume/Mass Grave. But never have both sets of pets out at once. Space them out to keep your dps more constant. Only use both if you MUST spike dmg or it's a very short fight. And then do this, in order to rebuild charge: 100 charge, Empty Crypts, Exhume/Mass grave, ignite, bone frenzy (if you've rebuilt the charge, otherwise hit Essence link, then necrosis, and crystalline missiles). It's a nice little spike of dmg.

    The above mentioned tip tho on Infection will give you a nice extra punch. It's a little known thing. The death damage bonus from the Psynergy crystal, when using Bone frenzy DOES boost infection and buff it, and it DOES stay boosted for the entire duration of Infection, and does not "unboost" like your other death spells do, when the crystal wears off. So effectively you can buff a buff.

    Trying to think of a few other tips... Lich Form hotkeyed separate, yeah good idea for charge management. Definitely macro corpse talon + condemn, for sure,but i'd go a step further.

    cast corpse talon
    cast condemn
    cast putrify
    cast desecrate

    Do this with lich form up. I once hit for 50k on corpse talon. it was funny. Just make sure after putrify, give your pet a second or two to actually get the 5 stack instant before hitting desecrate. sometimes the caster pet won't apply it, because it will eat the boost on the scourge bolt taht does NOT apply deathly calling (as the caster does it every 2nd bolt, not every bolt) so sometimes it screws up. if you only get one stack of DC, then yeah. wait on desecrate a few seconds. NOTE: This does not happen with the stabber or knight pets. It's due to the 'every 2nd bolt" rule, because the non deathly calling bolt DOES eat up putrify.

    Any questions, hit me up in game on Rekvosh@faeblight. if you pvp i'd put a point in ice shield for elementalist, plus 2 points in harb, so you have something to hit people with if they get close and you have a pocket healer, and your instant missiles aren't up. Throw Storm's Fury in there with storm slash and you have a fun combo. Tho for raid or ranged i'd go 15 ele 0 pyro and instead put flame bolt in the mix. And don't forget your cast @gtae grave rot macro!

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