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Thread: Pyromancer from a WAR veteran's perspective.

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    Default Pyromancer from a WAR veteran's perspective.

    I played Warhammer online since launch as a Bright Wizard. I developed my own glass cannon play style from group, solo, and open world play. It's a play style that has stuck with me over the course of my Rift pvp career. Sure, it has evolved to fit the ever changing meta game, but all of the timing, positioning, and other tactics like healer pressure and peeling have stuck with me.

    I am curious if other MMO's like WAR have affected your play style as a ranged magic user.

    For those of you familiar with BW/Sorc play, wouldn't it be awesome if Countdown was only 5 seconds long?
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    It would be nice for countdown to be 5 seconds and to have another ability that was 10 seconds. Word of pain bombing ftw.

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    no M2 stuns or tyrant procs!!
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    tyrant proccs plis
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