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Thread: HELP! With chloromancer spells

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    Default HELP! With chloromancer spells

    Hi! First of all i will try to explain my problem, but i don't speak english very well so i'm not sure if i will.

    I have two selfbuffs: LifeBound Veil and LifeGiving Veil.

    First one i have asked and i have been told that it's for single target healing, and lifegiving veil for Aeo heal.

    Now i have the buff called synthesis, it says: increase the healing the ally receives from the Mage's LifeBound Veil. Applies Lifebound Veil to the Mage.
    So if i'm not wrong this spell will only work while i have Livebound veil on my self, doesn't it?

    Now i have other spells like "Ruin" or "Nature's touch", and they say: Triggers a significally larger heal from LIFEBOUND VEIL on the target of the Mage's synthesis.

    So my question is: if i use synthesis on someone, then i change LifeBound Veil and i choose LifeGiving Veil, this spells will continue giving a larger heal to the ally with the synthesis? Or they won't work?

    I hope i have explained my self good enough, thank you!

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    the answer is no. the synthesis will stay on the target but have absolutely no effect until lifebound is reapplied to you

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    Applying Synthesis on a target will automatically change your veil to Lifebound Veil. This will result in much stronger healing for the target you tagges with Synthesis but much lower AoE heals for yourself and everyone else. Switching your veil to Lifegiving Veil will simply disable the Synthesis buff and everyone will receive the same amount of AoE healing from your LGV.

    Basically you can either choose to grant a single person better heals at the expense of your AoE healing, or you can focus on the same superior AoE healing for everyone. You can't have both at the same time.

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