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Thread: Help! Returning player a bit lost

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    Default Help! Returning player a bit lost

    Hey guys. I recently returned and got Storm legion,. My mage is lvl 41 and all the souls and whatnot have been reset so its a lot of info to relearn after such a long layover.

    I used to be a Pyromancer / Elementalist. I am looking for some help on a good starting point for a lvling up build to get moving again. I see in the guides section almost every guide is for someone who is already lvl 60.

    Anyways what I am looking for:

    I will be willing to try any souls, just need something to get me efficiently leveling again from 40 to 60. I would say moderate difficulty as I have to relearn everything, so save the advanced builds for a month from now.

    Thanks in advance.
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    From 41, try something like this:


    Use Reaper's Blade, Eldritch Armor, and Lifegiving Veil as self-buffs.

    When Eldritch Armor gives you reduced cast time, use it on Fireball unless you need an extra burst of healing. If you do, use it on Vile Spores.

    Other than that, just use Blazing Light (refresh it with Lucent Slash), Vorpal Slash, Storm's Fury, and Storm Slash for damage and occasionally use Conditioned Response to give yourself some extra healing. You also have Bloom for this purpose.

    Put additional points in Harbinger when you can, and otherwise put them in Chloromancer. Just remember that at level 48 you will get an additional point that you won't be able to spend in Harbinger. DO NOT put this one into Chloromancer. You will be able to put it into Harbinger at level 50. It's weird, I know.

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