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Thread: Some mage questions

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    Default Some mage questions

    Ok, I mainly have two questions here...
    I recently started playing, and tried both cleric and mage, trying different trees.. In the end I ended up with mage using two purposes from the templates. Now this is just for leveling/beginning of the game, later on I will probably use a somewhat different distribution of stats, but the templates works well for leveling and learning the class/game.

    So I use Sage template and the other one is Stormcaller build (don't recall exact name). I like them both for different purposes. I like playing healer, but I also like to change to dps from time to time, so this purpose switching in Rift is great! So this leads to my next two questions.. (Ignore the exact stat distribution for now, I'm mainly interested in the main tree lines).

    1. Chloromancer as healer, is it viable or must I play cleric as a healer? Because at the moment I like healing from Chloro more than playing healer as cleric..

    2. I've heard that Stormcaller tree isn't much used (I also wonder why not?). Personally I like it. But would you rather suggest an other DPS tree as a mage? Mainly for dungeon and AoE.

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    I haven't played low lvl mage in a long time...

    Chloro is great, but gets much better at higher lvls.

    Stormcaller is almost non-existent in end-game pvX atm. It all depends on your lvl though. I would give some version of harbinger a go. Melee/survivability is good. All specs have their strengths/weaknesses depending on your lvl and play style.

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    Chloromancer is a viable healer but it's pretty tough to heal dungeons with until 51. That's when you get an ability called void life which heals for extra on your synthesis target. After 51 chloro is viable pretty much anywhere. The main chloro weakness is a lack of spike healing/cooldowns but the overall healing output is high enough that it's not an issue most of the time.

    I think people mostly say stormcaller is a waste because there are only 6 role slots. At higher levels dominator does comparable aoe damage and is much easier to use. Stormcaller single target is also poor so in higher level dungeons and raids it's only useful for some trash pulls really. People prefer specs like necro/ele or warlock that are great single target roles with good enough aoe so that trash dies in a reasonable amount of time. Stormcaller is also pretty bad in PVP unless you're using it for defense. With only 6 role slots it's hard to justify using 1 slot on a stormcaller heavy build. At low levels I can imagine the situation being very different though and the stormcaller aoe is probably far ahead of other souls.

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    As others have noted, Stormcaller is mostly useful at low levels. At 50 and above, Dominator starts to pick up its primary AoE abilities which throws it way ahead of Stormcaller in all practical applications.

    Chloromancer is difficult at low levels but like Dominator it becomes much more effective at level 50 and above. In particular, Synthesis and LBV are not really worth using until level 40-50, over just using LGV and using Bloom/Resurgence on the tank if needed.
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