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Thread: So I recently picked up the game again (I know 500th thread of this)

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    Default So I recently picked up the game again (I know 500th thread of this)

    And I saw there were "pre set" Builds that Trion laid out for new people, I was really enjoying low level with the spec that gave the little earth ele and was pyro and lightning based.

    Of course I got curious and took to the forums and noticed nothing about this build was mentioned for leveling.

    The little sad button hit in my head of "ok it must be a bad spec, I'll try to find another", but I was really enjoying it.

    I ran across the two Harbringer specs, the raid DPS one was really fun and made sense while the solo build makes sense in theory but hard casting vorpal slash in a macro made me scratch my head.

    Sorry for the odd rant


    Are preset builds horrible for leveling?

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    A lot of things can work for leveling. However builds based on Chloromancer+damage (especially with Harbinger as the damage) or based on pet specs do better than others.

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