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Thread: Good PVE setup?

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    Default Good PVE setup?

    Hi guys, just started playing RIFT, and i decieded to play a mage, ┐wich combination of soulstone is better for PVE? right now im Stormcaller, Pyro, Elementalist and im not sure if im doing it right, thanks!

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    Well, considering there are 84 different choices you could make for which three souls to use... what is "right" is relative.

    Does it fit your playstyle? Are you having fun? Can you finish quests and stay alive? For leveling these are probably what you want to focus on.

    If you like a pet class, use necro and/or elem.
    If you like dps, try pyro, warlock and/or harb.
    Healing is done primarily with chloro

    Some leveling builds include such pairings as chloro+lock, chloro+harb, lock+necro, harbringer, pyro+elem, ... There are certainly more.

    At the lower levels explore your class a bit too so you know what is in each soul. But there is no definitive right way to do it. Of course at top level, there are ways that some would argue are the best way to dps, heal etc. But as you have just started playing that probably isn't a big concern at the moment.

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