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Thread: Boon of Life - What does it do?!

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    Default Boon of Life - What does it do?!

    I've only got one point in it so far but I can't for the life of me figure out what it does. I know what the description says. That's why I was a bit excited to finally have access to it. But I'm pretty sure I'm reading the description wrong. I've been unable to get the cool down portion to work properly, I think.

    Can someone explain it in a bit more detail?

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    Every time you cast Vile Spores, Ruin, or Void Life you get a single stack of Boon of Life. This reduces the casting time, global cooldown, and mana cost of the spell Natures Touch.

    Natures Touch is a 2.5 sec cast life based damage attack that is a pretty significant heal to your Synthesis target. When tank healing in a group you should try and cast Natures Touch when you have 3 stacks of Boon of Life. The only reason you would need 5 stacks of Boon of Life is when you need to heal while you are moving.
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    Each stack of Boon of Life reduces the cast time and global cool-down of your next Nature's Touch. Cast time reduction depends on how many stacks you have, and how many points have been allocated into the soul tree talent.
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    You can easy see the stacks by watching your buff-bar. There is a icon for it there and when you see 3 stacks you cast Natures Touch and it will be a instant cast.
    Natures Touch will give a good extra heal to the tank or any other person you have the synthesis on.

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