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Thread: Vengeful Shock Broken

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    Default Vengeful Shock Broken

    For the past week or so, I have been unable to use Vengeful Shock. This is after pulling groups of 4 or 5 and spamming Lucent Slash and seeing several Dodges, Blocks, and Parries. I submitted a ticket to the GM's and they wanted me to submit a bug report, which I will do the next chance I get but I was wondering if I was the only one experiencing the problem.

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    Vangeful shock proc if and only if the mob dodge/blocks/parries your attacks. In pve this happend when you don't have enough hit (going in raid with less than 400 for example). Tbh it almost never happens. And when it happen, you'll loose a lot more dps for not having the hit than using this ability.

    It happens a lot more in pvp, when you're playing against warriors tank, rogues and mage harbingers that have cds to raise their dodge and shields to parry your attacks.

    The skill will never proc on your dodge/parries/blocks.

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