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Thread: Need help with leveling build

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    Default Need help with leveling build

    Hey i found many builds for mage but they are for dungeons or end game. Can anyone put me links to leveling guide plz?

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    There is a guide or two, I think, on the guide forums for leveling specs but they're just a variant of chloro and harb. Imo, there really is no need for a guide.

    You can play literally any spec you want and level with ease as long as it has at least 8chloro for LGV and instant bloom OR a 31point pet. Common pairings are often lock/chloro, harb/chloro, lock/necro, pyro/ele or even super safe but slower ele/chloro. The two best, imo, for pulling mutiple mobs, aoeing and sustaining are lock/chloro and harb/chloro.

    If you need a skill tree link for a specific soul combination at a specific level feel free to ask.

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    Harb/chrolo best one. You can solo just about anything. Elites 3 levels above me easily

    Make sure you have 16 in chrolo to start then slowly fill the harb. Adjust the macros as you level higher and get new spells. At 50 I did 50 harb, 16 chloro


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    I've been leveling as a harb/chloro and haven't had much trouble, I've been duoed with a warrior at all times but despite having played MMOs for many many years i've never understood macros. I don't know why.

    like at level 27, what would be macros I'd be using, and why? are they just so I don't have to click all of my abilities and instead get to cast them all in one click? though I thought you couldn't cast more than one spell per macro, so I don't get it.

    somebody please help me, I'm EXTREMELY confused. feel free to be condescending and talk to me like I'm a 3 year old, as long as it gets me to understand. thank you

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