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Thread: Bug: no Fate of the Wind proc from LBV

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    Default Bug: no Fate of the Wind proc from LBV

    Given Fate of the Wind's itemization, it's obviously a mage healing wand, yet it doesn't proc on ticks of LBV, a chloro's primary "single target" healing.

    I only saw Bloom and Resurgence proc it. Natural Healing didn't seem to proc it, even though I spammed it about 40 times in a row (maybe not enough).

    It kind of sucks to spend 500 plat on an item that doesn't work as advertised.

    It would also be nice to have its set bonus work with a main/off combination instead of just the one two-handed staff.
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    It's still BIS so it's definitely worth the 500 plat. Also don't get your hopes up on procs, they haven't been good in SL.

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    I'm not sure it's that obvious - yes it's a healing proc, but most chloro heals are not single target. The tooltip has always said single target heals, so it is working as advertised. natural healing does proc it eventually (tested)

    If you want to see it proc a bunch, I think warlock has the highest frequency of single target heals, any refresh of life leech can proc it.
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    unfortunately, ive heard from other players in game, that the wand, and the staff that goes with it (which i have), does not work for the veils and that trion has absolutely no plans to change the proc effect for either. which in my opinion is complete bull$#!t
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    I have both the wand and staff and can attest that the most common place to see it proc is on Life Leech. That Warlock HPS so good!

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    Originally, they did proc from veil heals.
    Shielding trinkets used to proc from veils as well.

    Then the itemization team said "EAT IT MAGES!", and now every single healing trinket besides SHOE, no longer procs from veils.

    Epic way to make sure Clerics monopolize every possible shielding trinket out there.
    Oh, and they will address it in T2 raid items.

    My Storm queen's charge trinket? Useless.
    I honestly cannot understand why these bad itemization issues continue to happen despite the complaints over the past 2 years.

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