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Thread: Archon/Bard Debuff KaruulAlerts

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    Default Archon/Bard Debuff KaruulAlerts

    I'm trying to expand my KaruulAlerts for my archon spec, and I was wondering what some of you guys are doing to track the overwriting debuffs, so you know that at least one of them is up? What's the best way to track Crumbling vs Cowardice, Ashen vs Distress, the Illuminate/Jeopardy family, etc?
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    from the Author of Rift Meter

    with that addon you can see with 1 look what relevant buff/debuffs are missing without needing extensive karuulsettings

    best case scenario you organized before fight-begin whose doing which debuffs on what targets

    you should and could get a karuul-setting for the bard 61 talent (if your guild is running 61 bards) since that one doesnt stack with Lava Field

    otherwise archon abilties are unique, usually its just coordinate with the bard whose doing physical/magic/spottes
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