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Thread: Just Returning

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    Much has changed since I last played I have two level 50 chars a rogue and a cleric but I wanted to start a mage and become accustomed to the game again before I jumped into my older characters. So I am looking for a leveling build for a mage I did purchase the latest add-on storm legion. I am currently level 14 and seem to be doing fine with one of the pre-built specs but im not sure how long that will last.

    Any info is appreciated.

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    Not sure about the really low level builds but I do know that both Elementalist and Necromancer make for decent starting points because of the pets. Eventually, you'll want to swap to a Harbinger build with a bit (8-16 points) in Chloromancer to finish the run to 60 but not sure if you can start that much earlier than level 45 or so.
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