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Unless they finally fixed that, aggro from Mass Charged Shield is directed towards the caster. Feel free to test, but I don't think that will help maintain aggro.

The Necromancer tank is quite inferior to the Elemental pet, and both souls are inferior to Harbinger when it comes to soloing. Neither pet spec is able to AoE pull mobs in without issues, as the pet AoE tanking cooldowns are too long, and their health too small. If tank pets passively gathered aggro from the summoner, that would be a lot better, but Elementalist, in particular, is lacking in ways to keep itself safe outside of points in Chloromancer.
it's likely the only pet spec with a pet able to tank groups is the cleric druid greater satyr with spirit of upheaval. it has a spammable aoe that then chains a nasty proc that then does huge healing on itself and you - all threat that is entirely the pets.

chloroharb appears to be where it's at for mages right now