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Thread: Leveling guide?

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    Default Leveling guide?

    Is there a leveling guide for mages? I just got back into rift from a long break. Was just wondering if there is a leveling guide.

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    Not that I know of, this is probably your best bet:

    Almost everyone will recommend using a harbinger/chloro build to level in open world content (questing, world events, instant adventures). If you do instances (dungeons or pvp) you'll want a more specific spec either full chloro or a dps build or possibly a dominator hybrid for pvp.

    If you let us know what level you are, I'm sure people could provide some recommended builds.
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    any pet soul

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    Here's a whole bunch of posts and discussion regarding leveling a mage. I'm not filtering very thoroughly but this should at least narrow it down enough to help find what you're looking for.

    Leveling Guides - Mage Discussion
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