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Thread: Making a comeback as a Mage

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    Default Making a comeback as a Mage

    As the title explains it, I've been out of the game for 2 years and want to make myself a good DPS Mage. I've been looking around for some advice on what build could help me dominate the dps meters..

    I wanted to have Range dps , thinking of doing some pvp later on, and having a pet could be a fun, is there any advice on what build is good now or at least where I can fin sample builds.

    I was looking at pyromancer as my main soul, mixing that with necro or elementalist to get the tanking pet.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    tanking pet = solo survivability so no need to "top the charts" when you're just soloing

    the game is boring when it becomes only about numbers anyways

    to be honest if you're going pyro, its better to get the ranged pet because your burst damage is so high it will peel aggro too quickly from your pet. 24 in necro or 12 in ele (21 for the greater)

    I suggest elementalist primary with secondary points put into pyro, and you can still do primary pyro for dungeons

    it's redundant to say you want to have ranged dps and play mage

    there are sample pre-mades when you open your soul trees, click the round tab-button-thing near the bottom of the soul tree menu to bring up the list of all pre-mades
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    Solo... Chlorbinger. Best solo spec in the game for ANY class IMHO. I prefer ranged specs myself, but Chlorbinger is pretty much turning on godmode. Wouldn't consider leveling as any other spec.

    Ranged(for groups)... Would think Ele would be pretty simple and versatile.

    At 60 when you get Void Barrage, lock is the king. Especially after 50% health.

    All these are for PvE numbers. PvP specs you'll have to check around.

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