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Thread: New player back with questions about a build...

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    Default New player back with questions about a build...

    Hello all, I played Rift back when it first came out and am getting back into it. After playing around with a few characters I have decided I want to play a mage. I plan on leveling mainly via PvP, Rift Events(world events), and Dungeons. With that in mind I thought of this build

    58 necro 17 Lock 1 Archon

    The 1 point in archon is kind of nebulos i stuck it there because I didnt see anything better. The main thing I was seeing in it was tons of DoTs to load up on everything. I'm looking for advice on how I could improve this build and if it is viable (with or without tweaks) for endgame content.

    Thank you for checking this out and Hi again!

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    Might want to look into the Necrolist guide if you're a petophile.

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