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Thread: Archon/Harb/ele - dps build

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    Default Archon/Harb/ele - dps build


    i tried the following build and got good dps results for my stats. This is not a archon support build. For this purpose some important archon buffs are missing.




    #show Vorpal Slash
    cast [notactive] Charged Blade
    cast Vorpal Slash
    cast Storm's Fury
    cast Storm Slash
    cast Vengeful Shock

    Eldritch proc:

    #show Earthen Barrage
    cast Lightning Strike
    cast Spark Shower
    cast Earthen Barrage
    cast Volcanic Bomb
    cast Pillaging Stone

    AoE and blazing light refresh:

    #show Lucent Slash
    cast Lucent Slash
    cast Vengeful Shock

    In this build burning fury from pyro is missing. Usually that is a really good damage boost.

    Instead you get 2 hard hitting spells for eldritch:

    Spark Shower
    Earthen Barrage

    and another 12% spellpower + 6% more damage for each archon aura.

    I have no clue how it will scale with better equipment. Right now i get similar dps compared to 61harb/8pyro/7ele.

    But I asume with higher Crit Power Burning Fury becomes more important.

    If somebody wanna experiment with this build. Here you go



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    First impression would be a definite no but if someone wants to post parses be my guest. Not sure if you took the archon auras into consideration or which crystal you chose (assuming harb) but some of the talents you put points into would seem to indicate that you expect to be running some auras. Favored Ally is one that isn't needed unless you're going to be the primary aura providing archon which this spec wouldn't be able to do due to lack of Burning Purpose. Then there's the whole Altruist -> Speed In Numbers -> Power In Numbers -> Wellspring line which again, won't do you any good because the primary archon will have his auras up which will prevent you from using yours (unless you want to hurt your raid by overwriting his auras with your own). Patron's Rage is already rather weak and is primarily used for refreshing auras which again, you shouldn't have active in this build.

    Then there's the whole buffs/debuffs area which is what a lot of archon abilities cover such as Spark Shower and Earthen Barrage. These don't stack with the ones the primary archon will be using and they won't even proc Burning Purpose for you which is a significant portion of their dps. Flaring Power puts a 5 min debuff on the raid and with a 2 min cd the primary archon doesn't need any help at all keeping it active as much as possible so you won't really be able to use it.

    Another area I question is the crit % boosting talents you chose. Vital Assistance is for spells only which eliminates a large portion of your dps (slashes) from receiving the benefit. Honestly, there's a reason why so many mages take Burning Fury... it's an incredible boost to crit chance across the board.

    In conclusion, I think the main reason you found this build competitive is by testing it solo. Try grabbing an archon to maintain raid buffs and drop anything from your rotation that doesn't stack and then compare this to a 61 harb with those same archon raid buffs. I think you'll find that you were able to do so well only because the harb was missing some of the buffs you had on in this build. I can see what you were going for... Inspiration looks quite enticing for any dps build and throw in the survivability from Wellspring along with some of the other talents that look huge and using mid-level archon points looks fantastic. It's only when you understand buff/debuff stacking that you will begin to understand that a build like this will lose most of its shine when you throw it in a raid group with full raid buffs provided by other players.
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    Ah i see. Thx for your detailed reply. I didnt consider the overwriting auras in a raid situation.

    Rookie mistake

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