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Thread: Low level PvP chloro advice

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    Default Low level PvP chloro advice

    just returned to the game and decided I wanted to try a chloro out in pvp. Im no stranger to healing in mmo's or even in rift for that matter (spent a few months rocking a cleric). I dont intend this to come off as a QQ post, rather im looking for advice, constructive criticism, or maybe reassurance that it gets better (better as in more efficient, not easier).

    Am I doing something terribly wrong, or is it hard to sustain a party at lower levels - specifically 10-19 bracket? with having only one direct reactive heal I feel so useless (especially with all the tempest running around spamming 1112).

    Ive been reading a few guides and It still feels like im off. heres my priorities.

    AoE healing - LGV >> radiant spores >> withering vines >> Ruin >> vile spores >> entropic veil (when around 50ish charge) >> bloom when off cd on targets that need a quick pick up.

    single target (fang or rune carriers) - Synthesis and LBV >> withering vine >> ruin >> natures touch >> entropic veil (when around 50ish charge) >> bloom.

    Am i missing something huge or doing something wrong here?

    thanks in advance to anyone who can give me anything here!
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    Looks fine to me.

    Rift has never been known for its balance in the lower brackets. It isn't just the way you are playing.

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    i suggest togging entropic veil for every bloom/florish +19% 4tw

    withering vine has a really small healing range on it for its actual hot. i only use it for movement if my other instants are down. standing still just cast VS/ruin.

    once chloro gets corrosive spores it becomes way better at some pvp healing.

    gl, this game needs more well versed pvp chloro's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tookmyjob View Post
    Looks fine to me.

    Rift has never been known for its balance in the lower brackets. It isn't just the way you are playing.
    Agreed. If you want an easier time for lowbie pvp, try out a necrolock build. Not good at level cap but can cause havok at lower levels on WFs.

    If you're the only healer on a WF as a chloro you're going to have a tough time. Your priorities seem mostly right. I'm divided on how useful the withering vines and radiant spores are in WFs where people aren't focus firing, but it sounds like you're doing things right.

    On WFs just focus on keeping your hps up, and spot heal people who are really hurting with bloom. If somebody is being focused you won't be able to save them as a lowbie chloro (or often as a 61). Where you will excel is keeping up several people who are all taking low to moderate damage.

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    For low level chloro I'd suggest the following:

    Put 4 points into harb for spell power. Use eldrich armor. Macro:
    cast Vile Spores
    cast Storm's Fury
    cast Storm Slash

    If you need to stay ranged or need sustained heals, just spam this while not moving. If the party is mostly topped off, you can melee spam this while continuously moving. When you get an eldrich proc, stop moving and enjoy the 0.5 second cast of nature's touch. If NT is on cooldown just use the instant vile spores.

    I don't think radiant spores is worthwhile at low level unless you talent the +6% and extra targets
    Withering vine 3 targets always
    Save ruin for movement

    I've been doing this on my alt mage and have been having a blast. I usually out-dps mages in dungeons when I'm healing lol. My alt is level 30something right now.
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