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Thread: Mage stats?

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    Default Mage stats?

    Quick question
    When looking for gear, how should i keep my stats relevant to each other?
    what i mean for example, for every 100 SP, how much SC or CP should i have. Whats the ideal loss rate for losing this much SP for this much CP. I dont like doing math. I would like it kept simple. I have a 19% crit chance and like 6 % in crit power. My SP is about 3300. Should i be looking to replace a stat with another stat becuase one is to low? I see gear all the time where i lose Spell power but gain some crit power, and not sure if i should take it. I play Clorho and Harb and warlock mainly

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    If you d'ont want to go for the crazy math way just check existing gears list : http://www.rift-hero.com/magegear/
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    Don't worry about the ratios between each of your stats. Just look at each item on a piece by piece basis. That magegear site is a good start for choosing which pieces over others, but if you won't stat weights tailored to you, then throw your actual stats into my spreadsheet (in sig) and it will give you you're own weights (which you can then put back into rift-hero.com)
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