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Thread: Harb/chloro key abilities?

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    Default Harb/chloro key abilities?

    I'm trying out a Harbinger/chloro but I'm only level 20 and I'm not sure what the key abilities are that syngergize the best between the trees. Can any experienced mages out there share some of their wisdom? I'm not looking for builds or anything, just the key abilities that make the combination work.

    I'm basically going full Harbinger with at least 8 in Chloromancer.


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    You have 2 buffs - Lightning Blade and Eldritch Armor

    You have Vile Spores - Should be used when you get a proc on Eldritch Armor

    You have Vorpal Slash, Storm's Fury, Storm Slash - Should be used to proc Eldritch Armor

    (I always went 11 points into chloro and rest into Harb to get Instant Bloom, could be worth considering)

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    I know you said you weren't interested in a build but I'll still post one so you can see the abilities I'm describing: 18 Harb / 8 Chloro / 0 Arch. You only need 8 in Chloro but the next time you have more points than you can put into Harb I'd throw 1 more point into Nature's Corrosion which will cause Vile Spores to proc a second heal as well as do a bit more damage. Beyond that, it all depends on how much survivability you want to take at the cost of some dps. For example, the build I linked has Disabling Shock because I have found it very useful but not everyone needs or wants that ability at that low level. The other thing a soloing spec will want to pick up at some point are the points in dodge and parry as well as 2/2 in Lightning Riposte which will accomplish both survival and dps goals for you.

    As for abilities, as mr3onion said, you have two parts to your rotation. You have slashing attacks such as (in order of priority) Piercing Beam, Storm's Fury, Vorpal Slash, and Storm Slash. Start out with a Piercing Beam which will last for 30s and follow it up with the other 3 slashes you have until your Eldritch Armor procs a reactive freebie. When it does, hit Vile Spores followed by something like Blazing Light or Searing Vitality and then go back to your slashes. That's about all you have to worry about at that level. Vorpal Slash is the only slash you have that will proc your Chloro Veil but you should get enough Eldritch Armor procs to throw Vile Spores out every 3-5 slashes and Blazing Light will also proc your Chloro Veil. When first pulling, you will want to leave Charged Blade off so you can build up charge but as soon as you're at about 80-90% charge you should toggle it on. Use Vile Spores when Eldritch Armor procs to keep your charge up and Blazing Light and Searing Vitality will also help too.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions and the sample of a build. I don't mind seeing builds but I just wanted to be clear to everybody that I was looking more for a "how to" about using the correct skills. I really appreciate the feedback and I'm sure it will help me improve. Even so I am finding the Harb/Chloro combo my favorite of the different callings/specs I have tried so far.

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    st spam-pull w/e

    cast [shift] Distracting Slash
    cast Vengeful Shock
    cast Vorpal Slash
    cast Storm's Fury
    cast Rending Slash
    cast Blade Rush
    cast [notactive] charged blade
    cast Ruin
    cast Blazing Light

    ea proc

    cast Lightning Strike
    cast Nature's Touch
    cast Vile Spores
    cast Ruin
    cast Withering Vine

    aoe dps ( careful, its complicated )

    #show Lucent Slash
    cast Lucent Slash

    omg im dying!

    cast Essence of Wind * tap once at anytime to jus get this aye
    cast @self Bloom
    cast @self Conditioned Response
    cast Break Free

    i think thats right
    54h 20c 2ele
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