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Thread: How amazing are 4 piece raid crystals?

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    Default How amazing are 4 piece raid crystals?

    Finally got a 3 piece and going for a 4th, how much do 4 pieces add to dps? I can pull only 9-11k dps without any synergy crystal. (crafted gear/ 3 pice of glove,belt, and boots from todq) with approximately 1030 cp to 4k sp so I wonder how much a 4 piece would improve dps for:

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    They aren't.

    They give stats +200 SP for most (archon/chloro a bit more). It won't change your rotation but you'll see a DPS gain, just as if you went from a epic staff to a relic staff..
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    They are Emawzing.
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    They're a significant gain. An easier comparison would be they're the equivalent of having a second powerstone in most specs. However, the ele crystal in particularly can be exploited by the constant casting of the necro pet, which is one of the foremost reasons Necrolist is remotely viable (I say viable, not competitive).

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    Grabbing my 4pc and possibly one or two minor upgrades(can't recall, but it had been a couple weeks) I went from 9800 lock self buffed on a dummy to 11.4k, 11.8k to 12.7k pyroharb , 11.3k to 12.4k 61harb. Don't recall parsing 44/32Ele recently, as I don't use that spec much anymore.

    Quite huge for me, though like Hadezz said it's mostly just a 200sp gain. Still, 200sp is quite a lot when picking up a BiS upgrade is only a few sp equivalent. For instance, just picked up Zaviel's helm and it's only a 5.2~sp equivalent upgrade for Lock over the crafted. Which reminds me.. time to redo parses xD

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