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Thread: Mage progression, wondering what gear to get.

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    Default Mage progression, wondering what gear to get.

    Getting more used to my mage and currently its as geared as I could make it without grinding reputation.
    But now that I'm raiding and all, I'm sure I'll need to get a 4 piece soon and other stuff. What are recommended equips that I can get? I've seen the BiS list for mages and I've gone for what I could get (helm,belt,pants,wand,rings for cp) and expert loot. Currently have 3.7k sp with 979 crit power.

    For the 4 piece raid set, I only have 2 pieces so far (crit belt, cp gloves) and I do not have a single syngery crystal yet. What pieces should I replace for the 4 piece when available?

    and what's a good starting raid crystal to get, I heal but also dps when it isn't needed to heal.

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    It depends how much content you're clearing each week.

    Let's say you're 2/4 and 2/5, then I would probably buy the desolate boots next, then shoulders
    If you're more like 4/4, and 4/5, then I'd get shoulders then legs (better in the long run, but you'll wait maybe a week or two extra to get your 4 piece raid).

    With that much CP (and without rep) sounds like you've gone all out CP on your items yeah?

    For tank healing, you want the chloro crystal
    For raid healing, you want the harb crystal
    Lock crystal for lock, harb crystal for harb.

    If you're not generating many stones, then I'd suggest just getting the harb crystal and upgrading it, as you'll need an endless supply of stones when you get glorified lycini / torvan.
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