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Thread: What is a good spec...

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    Default What is a good spec...

    for trash in experts? There are a couple pieces I want from experts and was looking for a "snap" aoe dps spec. Dom's cooldowns look to be too long to used every pull, So SC? I currently have a 61 lock and 61 harb for long and short range damage. 61 lock just has too long a ramp up for packs and Radiate has a 30 sec cooldown even then.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Try this out for descent quick burst AE damage for experts/dungeons.


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    Most trash in experts can be easily handled by a 61 harb or a pyro (firestorm) or even lock (radiate death and others). Domi doesn't really shine until you start getting 8+ mobs which just doesn't happen very often in dungeon or raid content although there are a few fights where it can be useful. Stormcaller is currently not worth using anywhere although Kervik has stated that he will be looking into improving it eventually. The CDs from Domi are actually just fine once you get used to them. Read the tooltips closely because Domi is not a spec that you can just sit there and burn every CD and achieve good dps. Domi is stupendous in higher tier GHunts and will put up a good fight for any cabs, sabs, or champs on the dps meters. Domi can spike over 150k and with enough targets should have no trouble ending fights above 30k.
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