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Thread: Harbinger build?

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    Default Harbinger build?

    I'm not too crazy about Harbinger. If I wanted to be in melee in combat I would have rolled a warrior. But nevertheless, I have been trying the soul out, though I really can't see what is so op about Harbinger like I have heard many say. I really can't get high numbers from it from what other people say, though I have learned to not always believe what people say.

    They judge by their gear, which is of course mainly the thing about dps. So one person could be well geared in ID gear or better from leveling, but someone else could be less geared and not pull the same numbers, or even close. I don't think that is a fair judgement.

    So what I am seeking from fellow meshes are suggestions. Do you use Harbinger at all? What spec with Harbinger do you favor most? I'd like to get used to Harbinger a bit but its been a bit difficult in finding a spec.

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    Harbinger is not so much OP because of its DPS as it is because of its versatility. Harbinger has absolutely amazing survivability (especially combined with 8-12 Chloro) while also being able to put out respectable DPS. In addition it is an excellent support healer in groups.

    Other souls also have very nice survivability (Ele/Chloro, Nec/Chloro, Necro/Lock, etc) but none of them are able to pull the same damage at the same time nor are they able to provide support to a group without sacrificing any damage or survivability.

    Please do not read the above as "Harbinger is a support soul". While it is able to support heal very well when combined with Chloro, it is still primarily a DPS soul. It is not the top damage soul at endgame but it can still be very competitive. Because of Eldritch Armor it also has excellent synergy as a subsoul in almost any build.


    For leveling purposes I would recommend this build:

    51 Harbinger / 12 Chloromancer / 3 Stormcaller

    If you find you need a little more survivability while pulling lots of mobs then take points of of Nature's Corrosion in favor of the instant-Bloom talents.

    My buffs I use are:
    1. Eldritch Armor
    2. Reaper's Blade
    3. Lifegiving Veil
    4. Flaring Glyph (from tier 2 Fire PA)
    My general single target priority is:
    1. Pull with Blazing Light
    2. While running to the enemy cast Withering Vine or Blade Rush
    3. Once in melee range cast Piercing Beam
    4. Activate Charged Blade
    5. Cast Vorpal Slash
    6. Use Eldritch Gift procs on Vile Spores
    7. Use Vengeful Shock if you are dodged, parried, blocked,deflected, or resisted
    8. Cast Storm's Fury
    9. Refresh Vorpal Slash as needed
    10. Refresh Blazing Light by using Lucent Slash
    11. Cast Tempest Winds
    12. Cast Storm Slash
    For AoE:
    1. Pull enemies with Blazing Light
    2. Cast Glaring Fetters (optional)
    3. Once enemies are grouped use Phase Step
    4. Use Eldritch Gift procs on Forked Lightning
    5. Spam Lucent Slash*
    *Lucent Slash deals a large portion of its damage as a DoT. I have not tested whether spamming this or allowing a few ticks to go off is better (because honestly most mobs don't live long enough for it to matter) so its up to you really.

    At endgame (at least during Beta) Harbingers are able to pull very respectable DPS in dungeons. However they are still not the top DPS and they suffer from being a melee class in a generally melee-unfriendly game.
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    Thank you for the response. This is most helpful and clears the question I had concerning it being op. Personally, I don't think any class should be over powered and be above all the best dps, I think we all should be equal in our roles. But I guess some people like to think high, lol.

    I will try this spec out. Many thanks!

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