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Thread: Warlock Feedback - Neddra's Essence

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    Default Warlock Feedback - Neddra's Essence

    Neddra's Essence in PvP is severely negatively impacted by valor and the unwritten damage mitigation cap that exists.
    In PvP, the 80% damage mitigation provided by Neddra's Essence works out to something more along the lines of 20-25% damage mitigation if your character has full valor (which nearly all players do now). Additionally, it is easily purged.

    I believe it needs to be changed so it remains useful in both PvE and PvP. One idea would be to change it so it provides attacks a chance to miss. Like this:
    - Gives 5 stacks of Neddra's Essence
    - Provides X% chance for all attacks to fail/fizzle
    - Each attack that successfully lands on the mage is reduced by Y% and removes 1 stack of Neddra's Essence
    - Lasts 7 seconds.

    Sample description:
    Neddra's Essence. Provides a 60% chance for all attacks against the mage to fail/fizzle. Damaging attacks which land are reduced by 60% and remove a stack of Neddra's Essence. 5 stacks. Lasts 7 seconds.
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    Interesting concept, i like it.
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