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Thread: Possible Elementalist tank pet issue?

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    Default Possible Elementalist tank pet issue?

    I put this in the 1.11 bug thread, so this may be redundant. I am hoping that there is an answer out there that I have missed.

    Anyways, I am noticing something odd since I respecced my lvl 20 mage on live. My earth elemental's hit points have gone -way- down, to the point that more than one/two mobs on him will kill him within a few cooldowns. At first I figured this was just an over correction with the new patch, or something that hits harder at low levels than at 50, but I haven't seen anything that would indicate that they were looking to nerf the rocks. Then I transferred over to the beta server and noticed that he went from 576 HP back up to 1032 HP. This is in line with where he was before the patch hit live. So what gives?

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    This issue's been brought up a couple of times. I really hope it is a bug, because I don't like the reliance on overgearing or spending a lot of points in another soul just to get the same amount of hp for the pet.

    Harbinger will give some new soloing options, sure, but it's a whole different style of playing.

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