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Thread: Am I doing ok with DPS?

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    Default Am I doing ok with DPS?

    I am using the 1.11 Pyromancer (51 pyro / 15 archon) build that is floating around, and Im finding after my initial opening on ST,( which gives around 3.5k dps), my consistant dps after parsing on the boss dummy for 15 minutes is only 2k / 2.5k. If I use a Brightsurge vial and powerstone I get 2.7k / 3k dps. As I have nothing to compare this to, I wanna know is it any good? Bad?

    My gear is 3 piece crafted T1 (3 piece set bonus)
    Clever Tormentors Robe (Blazing Insightful Rune)
    Clever Staff or Torment (Blazing Inteligence Rune)
    Clever Tormentors Band (ring)

    as well as 1 piece HK
    Nyx Runeburst Synch (Arcane Runeguard Emblem rune)

    and 2 piece T3
    Infernal Gloves (Blazing Unwavering Rune)
    Infernal Slippers (Incandescent Tenacious Rune)

    The HK piece and T3 pieces give me the 3 piece set bonus with the HK Pyromancer Crystal.

    My other gear is
    Cowl of Blackest Night (Radiant Sharp Rune)
    Mantle of Ravaged Souls (Blazing Insightful Rune)

    My SP is 1719 self buffed. Hit is 373 spell crit is 907

    So, should I be doing more damage or is it about right?

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    Sounds like you are in the right ballpark. The amusing part about your stats is that unbuffed I have 900 more spellpower than you, but only 30 more crit.

    The key to the spec is to make sure you are using IC+5/10x Flame sigil on your heavy hitters (minus IC on Fulminate, obviously).

    Off topic thoerycrafting:

    For those that are in the beta, have you tested Fusillade yet? With IC it hits like a truck, harder than Fulminate. It doesn't use charge, has a 45 second CD, but strips all stack of Combust. I was thinking removing fulminate from Heatwave rotation and using FS>Prime>Fusillade>Build5stacksWithin15Seconds>HW> FS>Prime>IC>Fusillade>HeatwaveRotation
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