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Thread: Parses and equipment

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    Default Parses and equipment

    A lot of people post how much they are parsing, the thing I'm not sure of is if they are actually trying to be helpful or just bragging. The reason that I say that is, other then a very few, no one posts what build they are using or their equipment. For people that are trying to see if they are where they should/want to be this is kinda necessary information. For example, there used to be an archon thread where people were saying they were getting 2-3-4k dps, but no one ever posted what their equip., PA, build, rotation, ect. was....so it was pretty useless for those trying to figure out HOW they were getting those numbers. So what I would ask is that if you are going to tell your parse, then please say at least what build you are using and equip. <At least the basics...you know, "HK., HK Relic, Full ID Relic, ect> so people don't go crazy trying to figure out how to get to numbers that they simply CAN'T get to without the same equip. Would save a lot of frustration for people and give them at least a benchmark for where they are trying to get to so it would be easier to figure out what they are doing wrong <if anything>.


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    most people dont even realize if theyre hitting debuffed dummies ;)
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