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Thread: 1.11 snare nerfs?

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    Default 1.11 snare nerfs?

    I've been going through all the class changes for 1.11, and one thing that really stood out to me was the removal of Lockdown/Wither, and the nerf of SC's snares to 20% (30% with AC talent), down from 50% (75% with AC) - Icicle also no longer has a snare.

    I'm guessing this change was probably done mostly because of the Harbinger. It seems to me that a build like Harb/SC/Chloro would have far too much control if it had access to a 75% snare on top of all the melee abilities, heals, armor buffs, and all the other Harbinger abilities that synergize which I won't spoil to keep within NDA. Still, it's just a sad state of affairs that the more predominately ranged builds have to be nerfed as a consequence.

    I haven't really done PvP very much in this game yet, so correct me if I'm wrong on all of this, but from what I've read the general player consensus was that the (original) Mage souls didn't need any PvP nerfs as it stood, and this seems like a pretty big one.

    I realize that "kiting" has never been as important in Rift as it is in WoW, but still...
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    Actually it's because snares are no longer limited by DR in PvP

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