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Thread: Have Trion inadvertantly killed off mage hybrid builds?

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    Default Have Trion inadvertantly killed off mage hybrid builds?

    Under chocolate RIFT we had 66pts, and the top tier abilities in each soul required 31pts. This allowed you to grab two top tier abilities with enough points to grab everything interesting in two tree's, and gave rise to builds like PyroLock, Defilemancer, ChloroLock, PyroChloro and many moons ago PyroEle.

    With Storm Legion you have 76pts, with the top tier talents costing 41pts to attain. However, you can no longer attain two top tier talents at the same time, and with soul Gifts rewarding players for sticking to the same soul or discouraging point placement in other souls because the Gift doesn't give as good a benefit or is of the wrong type.

    Almost every build since 1.11 seems to be a 51pt build with really poor synergy between souls. Are hybrids dead now? Or will they return with SL and level 60?
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    I believe they will be tweaking some more. I don't have a link but it has been mentioned that they want hybrid specs to still be viable, they just want more of the specialized specs to be just as good.

    Before there were very few specs that relied on 51/x/x that you could use at end game and be at maximum potential for your class.
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