Are you serious?

Last week my debate was if I would buy a year of rift with the expansion or just buy the expansion by itself.

I chose mage to heal, and it was an important role. I was able to switch specs to meet the encounter and several specs were viable, and my healing was potent.

After 1.11 mage healing was buried. Are we missing the bigger picture? the bard and clerics lead in healing... by a lot, regardless of what spec or healing assignment we have. I went from potent heals to.. do I not have weapons equipped? Maybe 1 chloro in the raid is ok, battle rez comes in handy

I know your getting ready for the expansion, but I was still playing. We decided instead of bringing 5 mages to raids we will bring 3 and I am one of them, but I think I will sit out.

I havent bought your expansion yet, and from a mage healing point of view, why would I?