Perhaps we could collate all synergy related suggestions (as opposed to bugs or balance issues) in a single thread? I'll go first!

Elementalist & Stormcaller synergy suggestions:
* Could (some of) the SC air/water damage modifiers also affect our air/water pets' spells? Maybe Ice Shear and Electrified/Hypothermia? This would open up some great "all-purpose" builds: not top ST damage, not top AE damage, but decent amounts of both. When needed, one could swap to the water pet to provide group utility.

* Maybe Lightning Strike could build (an) Electrified stack(s)?

* It would be nice if SCs could pick up Icy Carapace within a 15 point investment.

* Perhaps swap the places of Cycle of Earth & Cycle of Air in the tree? Not sure if this would be a balance issue.

* SC/Dominator/Ele synergy: I was going to ask whether Ice Shear and Inductance could be brought down a tier, but nah... That would be over the top. The signature SC abilities should remain in mid-tree.

* Could Spell Bore and Strength of Stone swap places? Pretty please? I beg of you, put the Pillaging Stone buff out of each in sub-specs. The stacks are haunting me! :P