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Thread: What do I do for leveling now?

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    Default What do I do for leveling now?

    I'm new into the mmo world and I don't know much yet
    I am currently at level 40+ leveling on stillmoor, even though I'm almost on the max level, I don't have quite far understanding of the game.
    I was using a build which I noticed that was quite commom between leveling mages Necro(33)/Warlock(33)/Arcon(0) or Dominator(0) and it was working pretty well for my need

    This is the very first time I am into a big change in this game and I'm completely lost. I spent my points over my old tree to try to catch the same stuff I had before the update and headed back leveling, but I felt way too weak, I'm just not able to solo most of the thing any longer.

    So... What should I follow to keep up my leveling?

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    I don't know much about necro/warlock, but I did see they added a prebuilt into game with those souls.

    What I'd suggest is buy a new soul roll, or reset your current (after making note of what you have currently) and then checking out that prebuilt. Besides noticing a talent they took that you did not, (very possible given all the changes) you might find a tip on the breakdown page with a new spell you didn't know was there.

    You don't have to use the pre-built, but it's an option to see what Trion suggests, changing your own build if you think it will help.

    Right now, it's all about trial and error though. Expect a lot of soul-resets.

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