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Thread: 47-50 fast for Storm Legion and what spec ??

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    Default 47-50 fast for Storm Legion and what spec ??

    Hey planning to become a Harbringer and was wondering what is decent leveling build to get to 50 and also do few raids to get geared for harbringer ?

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    You have until Nov 13th to level from 47 to 50 . . . if you have XP pots and just go AOE farm you should be able to do that in a couple of hours.

    After that gearing up is really just getting in on raids. Try to get your focus above 200 and get in on DH/GP/ROS/GSB and gear up to 300+ and then get in to HK/RoTP . . . by the time the xpac comes out all that gear will just help you level faster and you'll be replacing it like it was leveling gear, so don't get too attached to it
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