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Thread: Profession question

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    Default Profession question

    My mage is level 50, maxed artificing. I was wondering if I might be better off switching over to outfitter/runecrafting. Any opinions would be appreciated.

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    I'm keeping artificer and mining, powerstones are expensive so I make my own. I would suggest keeping at least one gathering skill for easy income.
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    My mage has Mining, Foraging and Artificer. My Rogue has Mining, Butchering and Weaponsmith. Those are the 2 toons i play most of my time on and its always handy to be able to gather mats while playing rather than having to specifically go farming.

    I love having Artificer for powerstones etc, it saves me a fortune. If you want the other professions i would just make an alt and put it on them - theres no reason not to have all professions on alts.

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