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Thread: How to EARN plat??

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    Default How to EARN plat??

    I'm flat broke!!

    I've never been too conservative with my plat in Rift, now I'm paying the price.

    1. Back in the day, I died a lot and spent plat on soul mending (before I learned Soul Purge and Feign Death).

    2. I also unnecessarily soul bound to the porticulum of whatever area I was questing. I did a lot of porting overall. Later I learned it was a big mistake.

    3. I'm an AH junkie, admittedly. That's where I got most of my gear.

    Now I'm 50 and broke. I never managed to keep more than 100p on my account, and I need help!!

    Thanks goodness this is the complete opposite of my RL financial situation... LOL.

    Anyway, what`s the best way for Mages to make plat? I basically farm a lot and sell the junk and craft ingredients, but that doesn't seem to be enough. I farm rifts, IAs and random mobs in EI since they give the most plat / xp, and do some dungeon runs.

    I already STOPPED blowing plat on gear, since SL is coming soon, and I need to line my pockets now. What do you guys suggest?


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    Get max Fishing and Survival. You can either use the fish to create consumables and sell those off or just sell the fish on the AH. It's very lucrative.

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    Farm mats to sell. Carmintium, Diamonds, Twilight Bloom, Bloodshade Petals, Tempestflower and Ironhide (to name but a few) are ludicrously expensive, so depending on your skills, go gather/mine/skin and sell!

    Raid consumables also give good plat return. Diamonds are a by-product of Carmintium mining - either sell them straight off, or convert them into carmintium/platinum rings and break them to make powerstones (if you have artificier).

    Weaponsmiths make whetstones/oilstones (from metallic bits which derive from breaking carmintium goods). They can also make poisonous coating from bloodshade petals.

    Apothecary for pots (you need eternals for this though, so it depends if you have them or not).

    Outfitters make peformance insoles (breaking soulbind leather goods give you the mats for these).

    And if you happen to be a Runecrafter, you're pretty much made. Pick up the recipes from experts and you'll be rich in no time.

    As the AP says, fishing gives mats and you can sell the BiS recipes for a good amount. I'm not so keen though - I can mine/forage/skin as I go, but fishing is time out from playing. Each to their own.

    Artifacts - not a great return atm due to the event. However, they normally fetch decent prices, especially the rare ones. And never assume that a white is common - some of the white ones are ridiculously rare and ppl will pay at least 100 plat for them.

    STOP buying on the AH - take your time to accumulate mats and get someone to make your gear if you're going for the crafted route. Friends will do it for free - otherwise you'll pay about 5 plat tip. Much better than the 50% (minimum) mark up that things go for on the AH. And remember, a nice 30 plat neck today could well be replaced in DH tomorrow. If you're buying crafted gear, be clever about it.

    Hope that helps a bit. GL x

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    Instant squirrel + any gathering profession.

    Experts give 1.5-3ish plat per. Plus items you can sell/break.

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