I wanted to get some help on some necro/lock builds that I wanted to try for PvP and was looking for some help with the rotition and any pointers for the build it self.

I have two builds in mind one using the pet/soul purge for heals/DPS and the other using chloro/soul purge for heals.

Pet/Soul Purge

Not sure if getting vengeful spirit would be better idea for the Shadow Revenant pet since pets suck and I am using him for heals and some extra DPS and Lock for main DPS. This away the pet is alway near me so ppl have a 2nd target other than me when targeting me.

Chloro/Soul Purge

I'm not sure how well the builds will do in 1v1 but in wfs I have been using the chloro/soul purge set up and it seems to work well for the most part of course I'm not top DPS but I almost never die and still produce decent DPS(No DPS Tracker). I'm not maxed PA and I have not been using consumables or runed all my gear, I only have a 19int seal and I do have all R50 gear(plus conquest).

In case I forget to mention thanks for the help.