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Thread: New to Mage and in need of dungeon builds while leveling.

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    Default New to Mage and in need of dungeon builds while leveling.

    If anyone could toss me a link to a guide I'm overlooking or just offer some advice it would be appreciated.

    Tried going with the pre-made builds but they do not see that optimal not to mention I could use some advice on macros. I know I can get in more quickly with a support/heal build but would like to dps in that off chance I get to.

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    What level are you?

    For low level dungeons you can use almost anything for DPS, just don't use the tank pets if using a Necro or Elementalist build. I would recommend a Pyro based build as that is what you want to use at 50. Chloro is a weak healer at low levels but you can easily use it as a support healing build.

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    I have recently lvl'd up my mage to 50 and found a lot of usefull info along the way.

    some builds are included for you on that link and others are available too.

    I lvl'd running dungeons exclusivley and pvp for the last 5 of each lvl bracket (15-20. 25-30 etc)
    I typically Q'd as healer in the dungeons as although at low level it aint brilliant it is dooable.
    plus Q for healer gets you tons more runs than just qing DMG/SUPP,

    Pyro/lock for dps
    chloro pyro for healing I would suggest , as soon as you have the glyph in pyro you have almost infinate mana.
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