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Thread: Just starting back (Necro/Lock/Chloro info)

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    Default Just starting back (Necro/Lock/Chloro info)

    Back when this game was in beta I played a Necro/Lock/Chloro or something along those lines. I had a blast with it leveling up. I never made it to end game. From reading the forums it seems there is a meta of pyromancer builds out there ruling the mage classes. I am not sure if this is all appearances or if in the end game to compete we all need to be a certain build and spec to compare. Or could I still play Necro and compete on the deeps. Thanks for your time in reading this thread.

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    you have already read your answer on the forums, for endgame raiding as far as dps goes it is a combination of pyro and lock or get out. outside raids play whatever, in raids the other souls are not just a llittle behind they are a long way behind. I dont really expect that to change before storm legion rolls around with the new soul and rework of all the old souls. Would be pleasantly surprised if it did

    also welcome back
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