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Thread: New chloromancer looking for some help

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    Default New chloromancer looking for some help

    Hi all

    I reacently started playing rift and I have fallen in love with the chloromancer spec. I have read alot on these forums about builds and so on, but I honestly havnt found one for me.

    I was hoping someone out there could point me in the right direction. Im only lvl 10 atm. so ofc. I have alot to learn still... What I need is a guide or something like that to a chloromancer build for grouping and some PvP and ofc I will be doing some quests too at this point.

    I also need some help with spells. Im not sure I completly understand which spells to use when healing, other than VS and RS... So any help is much appreciated..

    If im just and idiot who didnt see the big chloro guide here on the forum, plz just drop a link and I will be more than happy...

    Thanks alot for all your help!

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    Welcome to Rift! Glad you're enjoying Chloromancer, it's one of my favorites.

    On to business, while leveling for now the best thing you can do is follow the Sage purpose. Once you hit 30 or so you can safely drop Elementalist in favor of Archon, mostly for the Pillaging Stone buff but also because the lesser elementals start becoming worthless fast.

    While healing, at first your spell choice is very limited. Withering Vine is mostly worthless after you get Lifegiving Veil, in fact I noticed people died a lot less often when I stopped worrying about keeping WV up. At your level that leaves Vile Spores, Radiant Spores, Stream of Reclamation and Bloom. SoR is mainly there to build up a large amount of charge very quickly, which lets you use Entropic Veil. EV is a good all around self buff, very worth using. Radiant Spores is, in a word, awesome. It only gets better as the people you're with get better, and in a recent raid I did it made up half of my healing even though I was constantly casting other stuff the whole time.

    Pretty soon you'll have access to Ruin, which is like Vile Spores only it hits harder, is instant cast, and has a cooldown. You'll also get Flourish, a powerful group heal. Ruin can be saved for when the group needs big heals quickly, just cast it right after VS and both will proc their heals and the DoT portion will as well at nearly the same time. If not, just use it on cooldown to help kill things faster.

    For groups, you'll want to use Lifegiving Veil for when you get in as Support or when you PvP, and Lifebound Veil combined with Synthesis on the tank for when you get in as Healer. LBV without Synth is incredibly weak, but with it it's good enough for tank healing if you make good use of Bloom. Otherwise what you do is mostly the same. Put up Radiant Spores, hit stuff with Vile Spores until it's almost dead then swtich to a healthier target, and use Bloom when someone needs a bit more attention to survive. Keep in mind that you heal by hitting things; as such, you must switch to another target before it dies (around 20% is a good time). Take into account the travel time of the spell itself, since the heal goes off at the hit and not the cast. This is why Ruin is so great, it takes the cast time out and all you have to worry about is the travel time.

    Once you get higher up in level, check out this link;

    One last note about Withering Vine; it sucks because the heal is weak. If you're doing fine on heals and nobody is in danger of dying, by all means toss it up to help with the DPS. But if you need to focus on healing, avoid it.

    Good luck, and have fun!

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